Raw Materials

For those who are our Pueraria Mirifica families through out the world.
We are using scientific intelligence, traditional knowledge and correct methodology to produce best quality raw material which contains high value of active ingredients. We have pleasure to introduce our selves as Most Trusted and Biggest Herbal Company of Thailand. We have more then 2000 acre area for the cultivation of Butea superba and Pueraria mirifica.

We have up to 10 types of raw materials for export:

1) 100% Powder Extract of Pueraria mirifica or Butea Superba

2) 100% Jet Spray Dried Powder of Pueraria mirifica or Butea Superba

3) 80% Powder extract(Mixed) form of Pueraria mirifica or Butea Superba which is ready mixed with our formula and can be readily be put into a gelatin capsule.

4) Liquid Extract of Pueraria mirifica or Butea Superba for the external use products such as creams, serum and gel type products.

*Jet Spray Dried is to refine the Pueraria Mirifica or Butea Superba into very fine grain, to make it soluble for putting into liquid or beverage.

We are the only company that has the right farm land, biotechnology, up grading standards, quality control and unique extract technologies. These qualifications could be never achieved by any other suppliers because we have started this ever since from the beginning.

Our Farm Lands

Our Pueraria Mirifica & Butea Superba farm consisted with the most natural enriched soiled land. Scientific tests results have proved that our land is safe, natural and most suitable for farming Pueraria Mirifica & Butea Superba.

The scientific laboratory tests we took are as listed:


Micro organism criteriaMicro organism criteria

Pesticide test reportsPesticide test reports

Heavy metal test reportsHeavy metal test reports

These testing proofs are to show our concerns for every single

customer that uses our products and the quality of our products.

Biotechnology Standards

Before our Pueraria Mirifica & Butea Superba plantation, we began the research of finding the species that holds the most amounts of miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol & estradiol inside the root of Pueraria Mirifica plant. For we know that there are more than 13 different types of species of Pueraria Mirifica & Butea Superba that looks exactly the same on the appearance but gives different levels of miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol & estradiol. In differentiating the quality of excellent grade Pueraria Mirifica and the poor grade Pueraria Mirifica powder fully depends on the amount of miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol & estradiol inside it. To proof the fact that we have excellent grade of Pueraria Mirifica in our plantation we have tested our Pueraria Mirifica in HPLC test which gives the exact amount of miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol & estradiol inside it.

The tests are known as:

Chromene,Isoflavonoid derivatives – HPLCChromene,Isoflavonoid derivatives – HPLC

Nutritional Test reports

Nutritional Test reportsThe key to anti-aging, refreshing skin, breast enhancement and health to all women is dependent on miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol estradiol.

For more information you can check the link below:

How and Why Pueraria Mirifica can help for breast enlargement

Up grading standards, quality control and lab tests to every single product.

From the year 1999 till now, we kept our standards of quality to every single item that we manufacture and distribute. We still maintained the same results from lab testing of phyto-estrogen levels in our Pueraria Mirifica ever since 1999 in the Japan food research association.

The phyto-estrogen testing results are:

1999 Japanese Food Research Association1999 Japanese Food Research Association

2003 Japanese Food Research Association 12003 Japanese Food Research Association 1,

2003 Japanese Food Research Association 22003 Japanese Food Research Association 2

We made vast efforts in proving ourselves by getting approval from world known food, drug and cosmetics associations throughout the world to gain trusts from our valuable consumers.

The certificates that our company received:

CTFA (The Cosmetic Toiletry Fragrance Association)CTFA (The Cosmetic Toiletry Fragrance Association),

CTFA (The Cosmetic Toiletry Fragrance Association)2CTFA (The Cosmetic Toiletry Fragrance Association)2

Thai FDAThai FDA

Thai FDA 2Thai FDA 2

We also keep the laboratory tests on Pueraria Mirifica Powder & Butea Superba Powder to let all the importers to feel secure in all of our products.

The laboratory tests we hold are:


Pueraria MirificaPueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica 2Pueraria Mirifica 2

Pueraria Mirifica 3Pueraria Mirifica 3

Butea SuperbaButea Superba

Butea Superba 2Butea Superba 2

Butea Superba 3Butea Superba 3

SGS LaboratorySGS Laboratory

SGS Laboratory 2SGS Laboratory 2

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co.,Ltd.Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co.,Ltd.

Extra Information

We have other extra information that can help for a better understanding of Pueraria Mirifica & Butea Superba, we have also included an online catalogue for download in understand our finished products. All of these information will help you understand the benefits of our products for every human.

Product Catalogue of all of our products for online view

Product Catalogue of all of our products for download in zip format