(Section I) Breast Enlargement Frequently Asked Questions sourced by our company record – more than 1,000 phone calls

Q: How is the efficacy of Pueraria Mirifica products?

A: Both ingested products (capsule or tablet) and cosmetic products can show positive result among approximately 90% of the consumer due to the test result with big group of volunteers.

Q: Since not 100% of women response to Pueraria Mirifica, how should I know I do response or not?

A: Those who do not response; 10% will know after 1 month use because they will not feel tight in their breast and breast size is not increased. However, there will be response in the form of firmness.

Q: What is the difference between estrogen and phytoestrogens?

A: Estrogen is endogenous female hormone found in higher animals and human. It promotes “estrogenic effects” to many organs including breast, uterus and ovaries. Phytoestrogens are natural chemicals derived from plants especially legume. Our selected Pueraria Mirifica cultivar used in our products contains high phytoestrogens and thus could be used to substitute estrogen and prevent the negative effects of estrogen. That is the reason why our selected Pueraria Mirifica cultivar products are very beneficial to your body.

Q: Are there any differences between the cream type and the capsule type? Which one is better?

A: The capsule type is a food product so it should be treated as a food supplement. Intake of the capsule product gives a systemic response throughout your body. This induces the nourishment of body health, better skin condition, better in bone condition and better in hair condition (shiny with good color and less falling hair). When intake a high dose, it enhances the breast enlargement. Too much intake affects the delaying in menstruation.

For breast enlargement, the cream type gives rapid result. And because it is applied only on breast, there will be response only at your breast without any worry. Normally the capsule is used for both health nourishment and breast enlargement and the cream is used for breast enlargement only.

Q: Are the Pueraria Mirifica cream and capsule or tablet safe?

A: According to our research and clinical study, it stated that our selected Pueraria Mirifica extract is not only non-mutagenic but also effectively as anti-cancer cell line.

Q: How different between the products under our quality and ordinary Pueraria Mirifica?

A: Firstly it is the selected cultivar and the controlled organic farming under the supervision of our professional researcher. While ordinary products use jungle derived mixed material which may be mixed with other similar herb; surely some of them show toxicology or low qualified efficacy.

Secondly, the production is under our own unique processes to reassure that only our product quality can show up efficacy of the result.

Thirdly, before launching the products, they had been tested for both safety and efficacy in both experimental animals and human volunteers. Some of the toxicology test results should be submitted for publication.

(Section II) General Frequently Asked Questions about payment and shipping

Q: What is CCNow?

A: CCNow is a secure online retailer of tangible products. They sell merchandise to consumers around the world. They are our authorized retailer by selling the product(s) to the consumer while simultaneously buying the merchandise from our business.

CCNow’s retail margin includes shopping cart system administration, online payment processing, reporting, merchandising tools, customer service functions, and fraud and risk management.

Q: How to make payment?

A: We ordinary do not provide our own payment gateway but we do have CCNow, our authorized retailer, taking care of customers’ purchase and payment. CCNow will be responsible for operating a shopping cart that will acknowledge the online shopper’s choices and process the order, as well as for maintaining merchant accounts with various merchant account providers or other electronic payment systems that CCNow may choose to implement, and for collecting the online shopper’s payments as each shopping cart order is placed.

Online shoppers will have the option to pay via credit card or PayPal when finalizing checkout. All terms for a PayPal order are the same as a credit card order. The rates, payment schedule, dispute, and other rules all still apply.

For more information, please visit our Purchase & Payment Method page.

Q: What will your credit card statement appear as?

A: “CCNow is an authorized retailer of . CCNow.com 1-877-226-69771-877-226-6977 will appear on your card statement.” or “CCNow is a retailer of goods and services supplied by . CCNow.com 1-877-226-69771-877-226-6977 will appear on your card statement.” or “CCNow is the reseller of services provided by . CCNow.com 1-877-226-69771-877-226-6977 will appear on your card statement.”

Q: What is our shipping?

A: Upon receipt of a pending order from CCNow, our authorized retailer, we agree to fulfill customer orders on CCNow’s behalf and as CCNow’s fulfillment agent by promptly delivering the ordered merchandise to the customer using the information provided in the pending order within five business days. We simply use International Express Mail Service as a common carrier for delivery of products which takes approximately 7-10 business days to reach the destination.

Q: What is our refund policy?

A: As CCNow is our authorized retailer, we are compliant to follow their return and refund policy. Please visit Return and Refund Policy page for details.